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1983 - 2024 - 41 YEARS OF HISTORY - OVER 30,000 CUSTOMERS

Ferplast: The key to flawless packaging and efficient handling

Since 1983, the passion for excellence at your service.

Ferplast was born from a simple idea: to offer personalized, high-quality packaging and handling solutions. Over the years, this idea has transformed into a solid and established reality, capable of satisfying the needs of a large clientele in Italy and abroad.

Our strength lies in the experience gained in the field, in over 41 years of work dedicated to designing, building and testing innovative solutions for packaging and handling. Our continually expanding product catalog now numbers around 50,000 references, capable of responding to any specific need.

We listen, plan and create.

For us, the customer is at the center of everything. We put our know-how and passion at your service to identify your needs and develop customized solutions that optimize your production and logistics processes. Each project is carefully followed, from the design phase to implementation and testing, to guarantee an excellent and long-lasting result.


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More than a supplier, a partner.

Ferplast does not just supply products, but establishes a lasting partnership with its customers. Our after-sales service is at your disposal to support you at any time and guarantee you maximum peace of mind.

Over 50,000 pieces of packaging and handling equipment:

Ferplast offers a wide range of packaging and handling equipment, including:

Wrappers for pallets, taping machines for boxes, strapping machines for boxes, trolleys of all types, strapping machines, stapling machines for boxes, vacuum machines, staplers for boxes, gluing systems, eyelet machines, welding machines, sealing machines, special pallet trucks, equipment for storage and handling of materials in stock

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Choosing Ferplast means choosing:

A reliable partner with consolidated experience
Customized solutions for every specific need
Products of the highest quality and technological innovation
An efficient and punctual after-sales assistance service  

Quality, reliability and convenience:

We place great importance on the quality of the equipment, maintenance and availability of spare parts.
We work with 90% of the models ready for delivery to guarantee our customers maximum speed of service.  




High-quality consumables:

Ferplast is a main supplier of high quality consumables, such as stretch film, plastic straps, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, protective materials, corrugated cardboard in reels and food-grade plastic material for packaging and vacuum packing machines.
By building packaging machines we know which material is best to use so as not to damage the equipment.
Furthermore, we are in close contact with the direct producers of materials and can offer extremely advantageous quality and economic conditions, even for small quantities of material.


Internal design and construction:

We create machinery and equipment designed and built internally by specialized engineers.
This allows us to offer our customers customized and high quality products.


Our experience of over 40 years and in-depth knowledge of each piece of equipment treated allow us to identify the customer's needs very quickly and, with the right questions, we identify the quantity of production to be carried out, the level of investment desired carry out and the result you want to obtain.
With these 3 essential data we do a quick check of the existing products and provide some suitable solutions that aim to solve the problem.
It is always possible to send us, totally free of charge, your products or samples so that we can physically test them with the equipment.
In this way, through a video or a visit to our office, the customer sees and tests the equipment "first-hand" before purchasing it.

Our packaging and shipments differ in their robustness and professionalism.
It has happened to us several times to receive a product (even of considerable value) poorly packaged, not tied to a pallet and damaged.
Getting a refund from the courier is always difficult and a waste of time.
We have therefore adopted an impeccable packaging system, precisely to guarantee the customer great peace of mind and the certainty of receiving the products in the best conditions.
If by chance the product is not ready for delivery or needs to be made, our delivery times are always accurate and never "reduced just to take the order."
However, we ALWAYS try to speed up the goods preparation phase.



We mainly ship to Italy and Europe due to the short shipping distance but we have customers all over the world.
It is not uncommon for us to ship large equipment to Oman, America, Africa and the rest of the world.
In these cases we adopt even more robust packaging systems, such as humidity-proof bags, cages and wooden crates certified for export.
Our experience of over 40 years has led us to have in-depth knowledge of how best to ship, being able to choose whether to prioritize speed or cost-effectiveness depending on the customer's needs.


Ferplast boasts a large and diversified customer base, which includes small and medium-sized businesses, large companies and public bodies

Managing every type of equipment in the packing, wrapping and handling sector, we deal every day with both small/medium-sized businesses such as delicatessens, laboratories, pastry shops, medium-sized companies and very large companies.

We work every day to guarantee each customer offers very quickly and a reliable and professional service, regardless of the size of their company.

We are certified and present on the MEPA, and we also sell to the public administration
Some of our customers are among the largest Italian and European brands (in the food, chocolate, design and clothing sectors).

Why choose Ferplast?

  • Many years of experience in the packaging and handling sector
  • Wide range of products and services
  • Customized solutions for every need
  • Quality, reliability and convenience
  • Impeccable customer service

In 2022 Ferplast SNC (PIVA 01689310041) transformed into FERPLAST SRL maintaining the same organisation, the same staff, the same working principles.


A fantastic team

On this occasion, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic team.
Men and women who, over these years, have joined us and contributed with their dedication, professionalism and passion to the growth of the company.

Professionalism and competence

Thanks to them, we have acquired a deep understanding of the characteristics of our equipment and developed an excellent ability to manage customers in the best way. Their expertise and commitment allow us to successfully deal with even the most difficult situations, always guaranteeing you an impeccable service.

Together towards the future

We are proud of the team we have built and are confident that it will continue to grow and prosper for years to come. Together with you, we will continue to work to improve our services and offer you the best experience possible.



We remind you that we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.
We are available by phoning us the the number +39 0173 212325 or by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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