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Buckets and tipping containers

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Tiltable bucket for scraps

Base price: 1.292,85 €
Sales price: 905,00 €
Tiltable containers watertight, lifted by a forklift. Capacity from 280 to 2300 lt ...
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Sales price: 1.350,00 €
Tipping containers, with separable lid, maximum capacity 280-1000 liters. New
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Tipping buckets For Electric Forklift

Base price: 1.514,28 €
Sales price: 1.060,00 €
Buckets with base for forklift with forks not adjustable. Capacity from 280 to 500...
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Paper collection containers FPB1800-2200 lt.

Base price: 3.100,00 €
Sales price: 2.170,00 €
Self dumping buckets with base for forklift. Capacity 1800-2200 lt. Mesh walls for the...
Product details

Paper collection container 5000 lt.

Sales price: 6.285,00 €
Self dumping hopper with base for forklift. Capacity 5000 lt. Mesh walls for the collection...
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Tiltable bucket in polyethylene

Base price: 2.511,11 €
Sales price: 2.260,00 €
Tiltable bucket made in sturdy polyethylene with steel fork base. Load 800 kg, capacity...
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Tipping Container 77B600

Sales price: 2.480,00 €
Tipper container, base set for lifting with a forklift. Capacity 600 liters.
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Containers with opening bottom - FPCFA Series

Sales price: 1.360,00 €
Containers with opening bottom for industrial and urban waste collection. Load 1000 -...
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Base price: 1.414,28 €
Sales price: 990,00 €
Container for the collection of scrap, lifted by forklift or davit. Opening bottom.
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Openable bottom boxes AN-PLA

Sales price: 1.690,00 €
Bins with openeable bottom that can be opened with single or double door. Load 2000 Kg.
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Galvanized tipping bucket FPLT750Z

Sales price: 2.180,00 €
Tipping bucket in galvanized steel suitable for scraps, scrap and industrial waste....
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Tilting mesh boxes

Call for price
Tilting boxes in mesh for the collection of dry waste such as paper or foam.
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Sales price: 625,00 €
Container with two wheels of large diameter, ideal for the building sector. Max. capacity...
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Base price: 2.492,31 €
Sales price: 1.620,00 €
Tipping Bucket with forcable base, in painted sheet metal. For handling sand and snow
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Self dumping bucket for cranes

Call for price
Trapezoidal buckets for self-unloading cranes for handling building materials. Capacity...
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Tipping bucket for cranes

Call for price
Tipping buckets for cranes manual release for handling building materials. Capacity from...
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Electric tow FPSM 1000

Sales price: 3.400,00 €
Electric tow for caissons with capacity 1000 kg.
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