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elevatore manuale per pallet
elevatore manuale per pallet
sollevamento pallet pesanti
elevatore manuale per bancali
elevador manual para paletas
elevatore manuale per pallet
elevatore manuale per pallet
elevatore manuale per pallet
elevatore manuale per pallet


Manual lifter for pallet. Capacity load Kg. 1000. Lifting mm. 1000. SUPER PROMO
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FPSDJ 1010Lifter capacity load Kg. 1000 - lifting mm. 1000 SUPER PROMO
1.228,57 €
860,00 €
1.049,20 €
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Pallet lifter with hydraulic foot pump and rudder ( for low weight can use the pedal), steel frame with fork tip rounded, directional nylon wheels with brakes and double rollers, fixed width forks.

WARNING: all the elevators are shipped pre-assembled, tested one by one before packing in a professional manner and with CE certification.


FP SDJ 1010

Capacity load

Kg. 1000

Max forks height

mm. 1000

Min forks height

mm. 90

Total forks width

mm. 550

Single fork width

mm. 170

Forks lenght

mm. 1100


Kg. 185

Overall dimensions

mm. 1640x740x1490 h.

The elevators FPSDJ are very practical and robust, recommended where the paving is smooth (eg warehouses) where the occasional lifting and not continuous of pallets does not justify the purchase of a battery model.
The structure and operation are similar to those of a standard pallet truck.
You can lift the load both through rudder or pedal.
For each pumping the forks are raised about 3 cm.
The descent is done by pressing the lever on the rudder. And it is controlled and at a safety speed. 

The load must be evenly distributed on the forks.
As with all lifting equipment, care must be taken to the security diagram.
Depending on the size and characteristics of the elevator, with increasing height or distance from the center of gravity decreases the capacity load.

Products are very robust and mechanically simple.
It's rare that they have some problems. In the event we have all the spare parts on stock.  

All models are CE certified and are supplied with specific manual for use and maintenance.
For the use of the elevator is not necessary a specific driving license.
The operator must be trained and informed.
It is necessary that the instructions in the manual are read and respected.

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