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Imbustatrice Pandyno pannello di controllo
Vertical bagging machine with special loader
Imbustatrice verticale con caricatore speciale
Imbustatrice verticale con caricatore speciale
Imbustatrice verticale con caricatore speciale

FPPD Pandyno bagging machine

Vertical semiautomatic bagging machine with sealing bars mm. 400. Works with tubular film. Sealing width mm. 2x2.5
Models and features
3.330,00 €
310,00 €
150,00 €
355,00 €
Product Name Description Price Price with VAT Quantity
FPPD Pandyno bagging machine
FP 400 PDPandyno bench model complete with one charger
3.330,00 €
4.062,60 €
ChargerAdditional loader with a size of your choice between 80/100/120/150/200 mm (to be specified when ordering)
310,00 €
378,20 €
Reel holderReel holder for Pandyno/Iper
150,00 €
183,00 €
SupportSupport pour Pandyno
355,00 €
433,10 €
  • Description


The PANDYNO FPPD vertical inserters allow to an operator to fill and seal the packs avoiding the use of preformed bags.
The operator must in fact insert the product to be packaged in the magazine tube, on which a few meters of tubular film have been previously loaded.
The product goes down into the tubular film up to the support surface. The operator manually closes the sealing bar by applying a slight pressure on the bar.
The welding machine in a single operation carries out the welding of the package, the cutting of the film and the welding of the bottom of the next envelope.
This operation takes place using an electromagnetic blocking device.

By equipping the bagging machine with several loaders, it is possible to increase the productivity of the machine.
To avoid waiting times it is also possible to pre-load different magazine tubes so that they can be quickly replaced once the film is finished.

The standard model can be placed on a bench and comes with a charger of your choice.

It is possible to purchase the support and other chargers separately, selecting them among the accessories.


FPPD Pandyno

Sealing bars lenght

mm. 400

Welding width

mm. 2 x 2,5

Polyethylene thickness

Max. 60 my

Chargers dimensions (on choice)

cm. 8-10-12-15-20 (film width)

Welding type


Bars closure

Manual with magnet


220 V.




cm. 58 x 56 x 72 h


Kg. 33


- Support for FPPD Pandyno;
- Additional chargers of different sizes on choice between 80/100/120/150/200 mm
- Roll holder to be placed on the table to facilitate the unroll of the film reel.

The charger tube can be selected from those standards:

- Product width 39 mm x thickness 29 mm - film width 8 cm;
- Product width 59 mm x thickness 26 mm - film width 10 cm;
- Product width 77 mm x thickness 31 mm - film width 12 cm;
- Product width 93 mm x thickness 31 mm - film width 15 cm;
- Product width 129 mm x thickness 50 mm - film width 20 cm.

The forming tubes have a length of 650 mm.
On a forming tube it is possible to insert about 15/30 meters of film (depending on thickness).

On request, chargers can be made with different sizes from those indicated. For further information, please contact us on +39 0173 212325

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