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coupeuse pour films plastiques
coupeuse pour films plastiques
bubble wrap film cutting
taglierina verticale manuale
ritagliare bobine di pluriball
tagliare materiali da imballaggio
tagliare film plastici da imballo
tagliera cartone ondulato da imballaggio
taglierina verticale per imballaggi
coupeuse pour films plastiques


Vertical cutter for cutting paper, corrugated cardboard, polyethylene film, polyethylene bubbles, foam with a width up to 155 cm.
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FPBD 330Vertical cutter - maixmal cutting width cm. 155
temporarily unavailable
950,00 €
760,00 €
927,20 €
Acc. GTR-BDAccessory: Rhomboidal cutting unit parts BD
30,00 €
36,60 €
Acc.1LRRAccessory: n.1 rhomboidal replacement blade BD
5,00 €
6,10 €
Acc. GTC-BDAccessory: Circular cutting unit parts BD
90,00 €
109,80 €
Acc.1LRCAccessory: n.1 circular replacement blade BD
60,00 €
73,20 €
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Universal cutters for cutting paper, corrugated cardboard, reinforced papers and polythene, polyethylene foil, polyethylene bubble, polyethylene foam. The use of the cutter is extremely simple: it is necessary to carry the material to the desired length and manually operate the ergonomic lever down to slide the blade on the material cart and get the clean, precise cut both ways. All the cutters are mounted on a sturdy frame complete with coil holder and rubber feet, on request may have the wheels with brake. For reasons of space the product is shipped disassembled.


FPBD 330

Maximum cutting width.

cm. 155

Type of blade

rhomboidal (standard) for the cutting of plastic film

Max. external reel diameter

cm. 90

The cutter can be equipped with:
RHOMBOIDAL BLADES : suitable for cutting plastic film, polyethylene foil, bubble wrap or foam.
CIRCULAR BLADES: suitable for cutting paper, corrugated paper and reinforced.

Wheels with brakes

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