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Reggiatrice automatica con nastri motorizzati
Reggiatrice automatica con nastri motorizzati
reggiatura scatole in cartone
reggiatrici automatiche per scatole
boxes strapping machine
flejadora automatica para cajas
reggiatura con reggetta in plastica
cercleuse automatique pour boites
Applicare reggetta su scatole in cartone
automatic professional strapping machine
Strapping machine with protections perimeter
automatic strapping machine for packaging lines
reggiatura automatica scatole

Strapping machine JN85-M

Fully automatic strapping machine with motorized belts. Arc mm. 850x600h. New
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Strapping machine JN85-M
JN85-MFully automatic strapping machine - arc mm. 850x600 h
9.800,00 €
PNL SICPerimeter protection panels with safety sensor
1.200,00 €
PRS-STABPneumatic stabilizer presser
1.800,00 €
  • Description

Fully automatic strapping machine with high speed and reliability. The machine is equipped with motorized belts for insertion in packaging lines, aluminum arc with multiple flaps to facilitate the launch of the strap and the subsequent release and electrical system with Omron PLC. The electrical panel of the machine can manage the motorized loading and unloading belts (optional) and allows the use of the strapping machine in lines without operator.

If there are no packages to tie on the strapping machine for more than 30 seconds, the machine stops automatically, the restart is automatic.

Unlike normal automatic strapping machines, the JN 85 M has a special package transport system with a gap of only 25 mm. between the loading belt and the unloading belt, this allows the feeding and strapping of packages with a minimum length of 150 mm.



Usable strap



Thermal sealing

Maximum tension

Kg. 70 

Min. strapping dimensions

width mm. 200 x lenght mm. 150

Max. strapping dimensions

width mm. 520 x height mm. 560

Arc dimensions

mm. 850 x 600 h.

Working plan height

mm. 820

Conveyor belts speed

17 mt./min

Strapping speed

2,5 sec. per cycle (excluding positioning)

Strapping width

mm.   9-12

Strap thickness

mm. 0,5-0,65

Reel internal diameter

mm. 200

Power supply

400 V. three-phase

Installed power

0,85 Kw.

Machine dimensions


Machine weight

307 Kg

Attention: this strapping machine is an automatic device that must be inserted in a motorized transport line and requires accident prevention barriers with opening doors fitted with safety limit switch.
The perimeter protection panels are equipped with opening doors with safety sensors that detect any opening preventing the machine from starting.
On the strapping machine there is also a luminous device that indicates the operating status of the machine, green in case of start up, yellow for anomalies and red for emergency stop.
The machine can be sold without perimeter guards but it is the installer's obligation, before proceeding with the start-up, to set up the protections and safety devices that the line entails in compliance with current regulations.

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